Importance/significance of algae to man

Beneficial roles of the algae in life of man
– Algae such as seaweeds provide food and fodder for man and his domesticated animals
– planktonic and macroscopic algae provide food and breeding habits for aquatic organisms such as fish and other invertebrates which serve as food for man
– produce useful materials such as potash, iodine and alginic acid
– alginate derived from alginic acid are used in industries, medicine, preparation of soups, sauces and creams
– agar derived from real algae is as a base for culture of microorganisms and tissues as well as in food and pharmaceutical industries and research
– seaweeds are used as source of bio-fertilizers
– correginin derived from some algae is used in textile, leather, cosmetic and brewing industries
– sewage algae e.g blue-green algae helps in treatment/disposal as some are indicator of water pollution
– some blue-green algae are used in soil reclamation/nitrogen fixation
– extract from algae such as chlorella and cladophoral are used as a source of antibodies
– diatomaceous materials (diatomite) from diatoms are used as filters, oils and as clearing solvent and for insulation.

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