Relate the parable of the wheat and the tares and give its interpretation

Jesus told his disciples a parable of how a man sowed wheat in his field but, when night came, his enemy went there and sowed weeds among the wheat. The wheat and the weeds grew together and both bore grains. The servants went and asked their master whether it was not wheat that was sown and why the weeds grew among the wheats. Their master answered that an enemy had done that. They sought his permission to uproot the weeds from among the wheats, but their master disagreed,saying if they did, they would uproot the wheat. He said that they should allow the two to grow together until the harvest period when he would instruct the reapers to gather the weeds together for burning and the wheat to be gathered and stored in the barn.
In this parable, the sower is the son of God. The field is the earth. The good seeds represent the sons of the kingdom, the weeds are the sons of evil while the enemy is the devil. The harvest is the judgement day and the reapers are the angels. It therefore follows that, just as the weeds are gathered and burnt, so also will the son of man send his angels to gather all evil doers together for destruction . They will be thrown into the fire where there will be extreme punishment for them. The righteous ones will shine like the sun in the kingdom of God.
The parable is applicable to the church today in the sense that:
(i) In the church today, the good and the evil live and share together.
(ii) The church is empowered by God to try and punish erring members.
(iii) The final judgement is for The Lord on the judgement day.

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