What instructions were given to the twelve disciples before the set out on their mission? and mention the notable diffferences in the accounts of Mathew and James

Jesus called the twelve disciples and sent them out in twos. He
gave them authority over the devil and evil spirits. He instructed them not to
take bread, bag or money on their journey. They could take a staff, wear
sandals and put on one tunic.

If they entered a house and they were welcomed they were to stay
there till their departure. If any place did not receive them or listen to
them, they should shake off the dust from their feet as a testimony against
them, as they left there.
The differences between Matthew and Mark accounts are: 
  1. The
    account of Matthew shows that they were sent to the Jews alone to prove that
    Jesus was their Messiah while Mark said they were generally directed to Jews
    and non-Jews.
  2. Matthew makes use of kingdom of heaven while Mark uses
    kingdom of God. 
  3. Matthew does not mention the names of the twelve
    apostles but Mark does.

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