Give reasons for the adoption of bicameral legislature by some countries

Bicameral legislature is the type of
legislature with two houses. For example Nigeria
operated Bicameral legislature in
the first, second and the aborted third republics with the creation of National Assembly consisting of the houses
of senate and representatives. Other countries
that are operating a Bicameral legislature
are the United States of America and the Great Britain. A country can adopt Bicameral legislature for
a number of reasons which include the following: 

  • It gives room for equal
    representation of the component units
    in a federation. During the second republic in Nigeria, all states irrespective of size and population
    were represented in the upper chamber
    called the senate by five senators each. Also in the
    III -fated third republic, each state
    in Nigeria sent three senators to the senate.
  • It gives room for checks
    and-balances. A house can check the excesses or
    misdeeds of another house in a bicameral legislature
  • The upper house also
    relieve the lower house of some of the
    workload; this lessen the burden of one legislative or singular legislative house. 
  • The need for thoroughness and
    precision can also compel a
    state to adopt a bicameralism. Bills passed by one housewill have to be considered by another huuse
    ‘to check Against hasty and ill considered
  • The upper house is made up of
    seasoned administrators in some countries. This quality
    enables rich experience to be
    imported into public administration.
  •  In Britain, the upperhouse performs judicial
  • In Nigeria, during the
    second republic, the upper house did
    confirm presidential appointments like ministers and ambassadors.

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