Apple and health

Apple is one of nature’s  most useful and nutritious fruits. 
Daily consumption of apple can prevent and a an well correct many health conditions. “A proverb says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
Apple is considered the “Queen�� of friuts” it has enermous culinary and medicinal virtues.
Per 100th of raw edible portion it’s contain 12.6% carbohydrate in form of sugar, which are primarily fructose.
Apple also contain protein, fibre, phosphorus, Calcium, potassium,  iron, zinc, vitamin C, E, A, B1, B2, B6, and B12.
Although all of these in limited amounts. It also contains some organic acid such as   niacin, malic, citric and salicylic acid.
Apple is a food for intestine, it cures both diarrhea constipation.
Apple is useful in the following areas:  
Apple contain pectin, pectin retains water and various waste product in the intestine, acting as an intestinal broom that facilitates the elimination of toxins with the faeces.
The presence of organic acid such as malic acid and others in apple helps  in alkalizing the blood and tissues, it also prevent intestinal fermentation.
Apple is a group of the flavonoids. Flavonoids keep cholesterol from depositing on the arterial walls. Apple contain a variety of flavonoids, the most active and important of which is quercetin which is an antioxidant.
Apple is the richest plant based in quercetin.
PREVENTS DENTAL DISORDER: when thoroughly chewed, the acid content kill germs present in the mouth. It contains a mouth cleansing property which no other fruit possesses. It is a natural preserver of the teeth and should be taken on all cases of tooth trouble.
Note that all these could be achieved by regular consumption of apple.
PROPER FUNTIONING OF THE HEART: It is useful in the treatment of all types of heart diseases. An apple with honey combination is considered a very a effective remedy for functional disorder of the heart. It contain high potassium and phosphorus which help to alleviate heart diseases.
IT ENHANCES FOOD DIGESTION: Is very rich in vegetable fibre cellulose which aids free bowel movement. When taken in the morning on an empty stomach, apple renders  good result for chronic or habitual constipation.
LOW HIGH BLOOD PRESSURES: Due to it low sodium content, apples are recommended as a supplement for the diet of high blood pressure patient. It also increase secretion of urine, which in turn brings down the blood pressure to normal level.
SERVES AS A CORRECTIVE FOOD FOR RHEUMATISM AND ARTHRITIS PATIENTS:When this disease is caused by uric acid poisoning, the malic acid contained in apple  neutralizes the uric acid which gives relief to the patient.

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