Forest management

A Forest be defined as a large area of land covered with trees, shrubs and bushes, either growing wild or planted for some purpose.
Forestry is the art of planting, fencing and managing forests. And the utilisation of their products. Common forest trees are: iroko, obeche, mahogany, sapele, opepe, teak, afara, canwood, etc.
forest is very important for several reasons. Planting of trees is encouraged by the government for these reasons. Forest is useful in the following ways:
*provision of food, in form of fruit, bush meat, vegetables, etc.
*Provision of employment for people such as forest guards, hunters and those involved in immergening.
*Provision of timber used in furniture making and other domestic/industrial construction.
*Provision of raw materials such as gum, resin fibres, rubbers, palm produce and mass of others for both domestic and industrial purpose.
*Forest improve soil fertility through the decay of fallen/dead plant parts or the animals’.
*It is a source of foreign exchange for the country through the export of timber and its by-products.
*Provision of medicinal herbs used by traditional medicine men and in pharmaceutical industries.
Land reserves are large areas of land where plant are either growing naturally or planted specifically preserved by government for specific purpose.
*Sakpeba forest reserve in Edo state.
*Okomu forest reserve in Edo state. *Omo forest reserves in Ogun state. *Shasha forest reserve in Ogun state.
*Zamfara forest reserve in Zamfara state.
*Anara forest reserve in Kaduna state.
*Sango forest reserve in Plateau state.
*Afi forest reserve in Cross River state.
*Oba hills forest reserve in Oyo State.
*Many reserve in Anambra State.
In order to ensure continuous supply of timber and other forest product .
The following management practice could be adopted.
(A)forest regulation
(B)selective exploration (C)deforestation
(F)taunga system.
FOREST REGULATION: these are laws promulgation by government in the form of ending decrease, by law to prevent people form exploiting or indiscriminate stopping of forest reserve These regulations help to be ensure the preservation of forest resources. Among those laws are: (1)The prohibition of bush burning (2)ban on framing in Forest reserves (3)ban on cutting down of under aged trees.
(4)people are to obtain veered to season permission to enable them cut tree for human need .
SELECTIVE EXPLORATION This is the processes of citing of harvesting only mature tree in a forest. Mature of tree is attained at about 20-25 years of when a particular birth on size is reached. This is also a way of concenterating certain species of timber in a forest reserve. It also allow for the harvesting of older tree which the younger ones remain as cover for the surface of the forest. Among it benefits are. (1)it protect the soil from erosion
(2)it ensure the community supply of timber.
(3)it prevent deforestation.
(4)it help to eliminated undesirable species form the forest reserves.

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