Six things some Ladies dont know

1. Some ladies do not know the
difference between “
dressing to look attractive” and
“dressing to look sexy”. You

look attractive and beautiful without being sexy.

→2. When you dress half naked,
you look sexy. When you
dress decently, you look
attractive and beautiful.
→3. When you dress sexy, you are
inviting bad boys to come
and decieve you, use you and
dump you, leaving you heart
broken. So don’t blame them. Blame yourself.
→4.When you dress very decently,
irresponsible men will not
come near you. It is only guys
who are ready to be committed to you with good
intentions that will come close
to you.
→5. You don’t need to look sexy
before your God-sent husband will locateyou.
→6. Bad boys, irresponsible men
want you to look sexy.
Reasonable and matured men
want you to look beautiful. I pray that the Almighty let them understand this

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