Why prayer come in colors

Cosmo-Islam-iology: Why Prayers Come In Colors

Your skin doesn’t actually change color when you’re feeling ‘blue’, does it? And when someone is ‘green’ with envy, they won’t really stain your new white couch with a mucky green blotch! You see feelings and emotions are nothing but energies. Every living thing, whether human, plant or animal is made of energy. It’s the life force keeping our hearts beating and bodies going. And every living creature has a colorful aura, which is an energy field surrounding it. That cheerful guy at the office every one loves, he probably has a bright yellow aura. And that wise old woman who replies in metaphors, she has the pure violet. Your aura (which consists of different colored chakra) reveals a lot about who you are, your mental state, your health, mood and so much more. But do you know what is the main source of energy fuel?(No! You’re too busy wondering what color you are, aren’t you?).

Well the good news is auras change. Its chakras are like batteries. They store up energies till their colors are vibrant. When there aren’t enough good energies they drain out and the chakras are imbalanced causing illness to the body and emotional disturbances. Cosmic rays of the universe change colors throughout the day and they are the main source of this healing life force. Humans cleanse and charge their auras by allowing universal energy to flow through their bodies. Given our busy, distraction-filled lives, the only way to absorb this life force is by connecting with the soul, and calming or focusing the mind. This practice is called ‘meditation’, but for us Muslims, it’s part of who we are… We do it five times a day; humbled, detached from the world, focused on the words of the Holy Qur’an, and connected to our souls while we stand before the Great Almighty Allah. It’s the core of Islam… and it’s called ‘salah’ …. The ultimate form of spiritual, healing meditation

Fajr Prayer: Confidence

Before sunrise, the universe is in the blue spectrum; pure, soothing and healing.

Physical Level: Blue energy is connected to the health of your thyroid gland, throat, mouth, teeth and jaw. It resonates your voice and enhances metabolism.

Mental Level: Blue is the energy of symbolic thinking. When absorbed, it gives you excellent communication skills and boosts your confidence.

Emotional Level: Blue is the color of serenity. When your fifth chakra is open to absorb this cosmic energy, you literally receive the gift of peaceful calmness, wisdom and connecting to your inner self. It also gives your face a beautiful glow.

Observed Your Fajr

Be Confident

Dhuhr Prayer: Happiness

The universe shines joyfully with the yellow rays of the sun.

Level: Yellow energy connects to the frequency of your solar plexus, relating to the stomach, digestive system, pancreas and liver. When properly absorbed, this rich life force aids digestion and gives you vibrant energy and strength.

Mental Level: Yellow is the color of self-development, will and power. It gives you the ability to reason and enhances your mental courage, intellect and proactivity.

Emotional Level: The core of cheerfulness, confidence, self esteem, productivity and inspiration. Yellow is the leader’s aura, especially those who accept responsibility, have great personal power and who inspire others to reach their full potential.

Makes sense to try to get as much yellow energy as possible! Check out this hadith. The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said: “Whoever prays four rak’ahs before Dhuhr and four after, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, will forbid him from the Fire.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Observe you dhuhr, be happy

Asr Prayer: Prosperity

This is where the deep orange color illuminates the skies.

Physical Level: Orange energy relates to the reproductive system and the center of energy exchange. It is the most powerful color since it helps convert life forces into energies that can be used by the body for vital functions. It’s responsible for awakening the senses we use to enjoy physical pleasures, including appetite and sexuality.

Mental Level: Orange energy is balance. It prevents the mind from submitting to negative thoughts and instead fuels one’s creativity. It has a mix of red; the root chakra, which is associated with prosperity, abundance and financial stability. And it’s also related to the adrenal glands which governs your instinctual survival response.

Emotional Level: Orange is also the color of joy. It spikes enthusiasm, nurturing and the optimism needed to deal with life’s emotional downfalls. The orange cosmic frequencies also resonate with the vibrations of joyful social exchange, or in other words, it’s the primary source for being a ‘relationship expert”.

Intense huh? No wonder Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said, “Whoever misses the ‘Asr prayer, then it is as if he lost his family and property.” [Sahih

Al-Bukhari by]

Maghreb Prayer: Wisdom

The sun sets, bathing the universe in an intense red color. This is actually the time when we are ordered NOT to pray! Pure dark red energy is the color of anger, stress, pain, rage, desire and selfishness.

Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W) said, “None of you should try to pray at sunrise or sunset.” [Sahih


Once the sun sets, the universe displays a mixture of many colors, but mainly settles to purple with a tinge of red, which is the violet energy. Now we’re talking!

Physical Level: Violet cosmic rays relate to the cerebral cortex, the skull and the brain. Once absorbed properly, it strengthens the nervous system, perfects cognitive skills and sharpens the mind. As for the good red energy, associated with the adrenal gland, it purifies the blood and sustains organ health.

Mental Level: It’s the key energy to deep thinking and having an open mind.

Emotional Level: Violet is the color of wisdom and enlightenment, the spiritual connection between heaven and earth. Violet energy expands our awareness and feeds our souls with faith and belief in the unseen. And red energy used wisely is the color of love, passion and persistence.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) performed ‘Qunut’ supplication during Maghreb prayer, praising Allah and asking Him for help, forgiveness and mercy. [Jami` at-Tirmidhi]

Observe your Maghrib

Isha Prayer: Peace

And so the wings of darkness unfold into a deep indigo color.

Physical Level: Indigo energy relates to the brain, forehead, pituitary gland, eyes, nose and the carotid nerve plexus. Having an abundance of indigo energy results in excellent eyesight, excellent metabolism and overall oral health.

Mental Health: Since indigo energy resonates with brainwaves, it provides you with deep, peaceful restful sleep at night and also aids in having a good memory.

Emotional level: Indigo is the color of intuition and the inner voice. Absorbing it provides you with peace, tranquility and deep perception. Indigo energy is the core of stillness where self realization takes place.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) disliked to sleep before Isha’ prayer or to speak to anyone after it. [Sahih Al-Bukhari] He prayed nine raka’at at night and sometimes thirteen. Night time was reserved for worship and rest.

Final part

So we have Confidence, Happiness, Prosperity, Wisdom and Peace.

If there was a word to sum them up all together, what would it be?

Hmmmmmm let me think….

What’s the ‘Call for Prayer’ again?

“Come to prayer… Come to SUCCESS”??

Seriously? Who would have thought?

And when are those energies at their peak?

Within the first fifteen minutes of every transition (a.k.a ‘adhan’)

Oh! Is that why the best deed ever is to pray on time?


Okay don’t mind the smirk…. I’m just deeply, sincerely and overwhelmingly proud of our religion….

It’s perfect in every possible way.

Thank you Allah for the priceless treasure of being Muslim. May we all be successful in this world and the Hereafter… aameen

Lilly S. Mohsen, a writer, a Psychologist, a spiritual speaker and a contributing author to a number of renowned Islamic blogs and educational websites. Follow her  heir @Lillymohsen

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