A good student is a better teacher

A lot of people excel in life while
some remain back probably because of one problem or the other.                             
        There are three categories in a class room, the teacher, students and teaching facilities/equipments. There are two groups of students, those who are just students and the real students. The just students are only in school for being in school sake. This makes them more like the third category in the class(the teaching facilities/equipments), the only difference is that they graduate with a certificate. The real students follow the teacher up, they are constantly in normal learning mood whenever they are being thought and this is what makes them stand out among others. They listen quietly to the teacher as he explains all he could. After which they go on personal research to get more information, the process of which they become more exposed to the subject matter. And when he is to teach, he would combine the two (his class knowledge and researches) enabling him to go indepth with the explanation. This makes him a better teacher. A lot of great teachers and scholars where once in their life students.
 No man was born with knowledge, we learn as we grow and teach others what we have learnt.                                     
We can never know what we haven’t learnt, neither could we teach what we don’t know, this is what learning an important part of our lives. Every human need a little knowledge to be able to survive but most times we tend to seek more knowledge because the track of survival is constantly increasing. So we seek more knowledge ahead of further increase. This brings the need for constant researches.
In conclusion; though the good student has become a better teacher but he could become the best teacher if he engages in constant research or become the worst if he deserts the act of research.

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