components of the computer

The two components of a computer are hardware and software

What is hardware? 

Hardware consist of the physical part of computer system that one can see and touch. They are referred to as elements of the computer because they form an important part that makes up the computer system.                                                                                        These include: the monitor, the central processing unit (CPU), the keyboard, the mouse and pad, speakers, motherboard, battery, hard disk, CD-ROM drive, power cable, etc.

What is software? 

Computer programs are considered as software. The software is the instruction that enables the computer to perform different tasks. Without software, the computer will be unproductive.

Classification of software 

Software is classified into two major groups namely:
I. System software
II. Application software

 Applications software 

These are designed to give solutions required for the processing of specific user problems. They are tailored to the needs of specific users. Different users draw on it as solution that meets basic needs.

 Examples of applications software are:

 · Word processing software: typesetting package e.g Microsoft word, word pad
 · Electronic spreadsheet: an accounting package e.g Microsoft Excel.
· Data processing and management software: data base package e.g Microsoft Access. · Desktop publishing: a design package e.g CorelDraw
· Computer aided design: e.g Auto-card.
· Communication software: e.g internet Explorer.

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