Describe five factors required for establishing a fish pond

1. Adequate water supply: there should be adequate and regular water supply to the pond. The quantity and quality is very important. Such water should be from streams, springs, rivers, well, etc. the water should be free of pollutants with pH of 6-9
2. Soil in the area: fertile soil is very important because it will supply nutrients to the fish. The soil type should be clay and should be capable of retaining water.
3. Shape of the land (topography): the shape of the land allows for easy draining and filling of pond with water. site fish pond where there is not too hilly but slantly depressed for easy drainage.
4. Availability of fast growing fish: improved varieties of fish which can grow fast should be used. A good or fast growing fish ensures profitability in fishery as the rate of harvest is going to be high.
5. Availability of supplementry feed: this will enhance the rate at which the fishes grow

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