describe the process of egg formation in poultry

The process of egg formation in poultry is controlled by hormones. The egg is formed partly in the ovary and partly in the oviduct. Yoke is formed in the ovary and other proteinous parts are formed in lever and kidney. The yoke released by the ovary is taken up by infundibulum and late to the oviduct where fertilization take place. The egg move to the magnum, stays there for three hours and part of the albumen is formed. Chalaza is secreted round the yoke. From magnum, the egg move to the isthmus where it stays for 75 minutes and the two shell membranes are formed. The shape of the egg is also formed at this region. The egg then moves to the uterus where it stays for 19-20hours. The shell is formed in the uterus, the egg is then passed to the vagina, stay there for a very short time before it is laid. It takes almost 26½ hours for the above processes to take place.

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