five factors affecting land availability for agricultural production

Below are five factors that affects land availability for agricultural production include:

  1. Population increase:  the increase in population reduces the size of land available to the farmers and this eventually leads to low productivity or yield.
  2. Land tenure system: the type of land tenure system in most west African nations does not make land available for commercial agriculture. The land tenure system either result in reduced farm land or non-availability of land.
  3. Topography: the shape of the land can affect the availability of land. If the land is sloppy, swampy, hilly, e.t.c such land may not be suitable for farming.
  4. Cultural practices: cultural practices like bush burning, shifting cultivation, e.t.c can make land unavailable for agriculture
  5. Soil type: the type of soil determines whether such land will be available for agriculture. If the soil is mainly sandy, such land will not be suitable for farming.

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