fundamentals of computer

What is a computer? 

Computer is simply defined as an electronic machine that accepts instructions from the user (or some items called data), processes such data and returns the output, called the information.

computer devices 

Input devices:      

 These are devices used to give instructions or to communicate with the computer system. operators communicate with the CPU by using various input devices to enter data, the primary devices used are the keyboard and the mouse.

Processing device:          

 This is the brain and heart of the computer. It is otherwise called the central processing unit. As the brain, it is responsible to performing complex calculations at amazing speeds when processing data

Storage devices:                            

They are otherwise called auxiliary storage devices used to store instructions and data when they are not being used in memory. The most common types of storage devices often used on personal computers are hard disk, floppy disks, CD-ROM Drive and flash disk.

Output devices:                          

These are devices that make the information you input available for you to view or use. The most common output devices used are monitor and printer. 

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