memos of the six (sulhazan's poetry trial)

Woke up this morning

with thoughts above men

I could never comprehend

It felt like a human trend

Many days have passed; since we last met

Oh yes! When we met; oh! When we met

I could make a large book on that last day

That day; with memorable memories

The beauty of that day was and adoring chapter

It was the day of separation

Separation From the hurtings of love

And of the stronghood of friendship

Separation from the joy and liveliness;

The liveliness of peer mates

But that day has its words;

The words in ‘good bye’

It had it thoughts;

The thoughts of moving forward

It was indeed a day of joyous witnesses

It had its story;

The story of boys becoming men; and girls becoming ladies

It had its description; that of mates in suit

That day witnessed men in suits

Hhm! Recounting the memories of the previous six

Remembering the first days on that last days ended with smiles

Oh! Lost have I to the expressions of that day

It was indeed a joyful day

A day worth smiles.

Dedicated to all my class mates at SS Peter and Paul Academy (4th Set)……. missing my noise!

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