Mountain success

Success is like a
very rugged mountain with hot thorns around it sides but has a pleasing top where everybody desire to be.                                                                                             A lot of people climb this mountain but only few get there. Some it favors with easy climbing and others it allows  to feel the pain of climbing and understand what it means to be at the top.
One thing about this mountain is that, it gives those who have made it to the top the opportuinity to pull people up to their level or a little more steps to theirs. But this has extinguished the desire of most people at the bottom to go to the top by passing through the process of climbing thereby counting on their lucks to be remembered by those at the top rendering their own climbing energy useless and declining with time.
As time goes on, when they realize they haven’t been remembered, they start criticizing them. But some still gather a little courage and start climbing with the little remainder of their climbing energy with the hope of it taking them to at least a comfortable part of the mounting.
Such is the mountain of success;
The bottom of which is congested by aspiring climbers
The body of which is hardship to test the climbers
And the top of which is a pleasing comfort
So make hay while the sun is still shining by joining the queue of aspirants as early as you can, while you still have enough climbing energy.

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