My name (Sulhazan's poetry trial)

I was born to answer my name!

In the first seconds I came with a cry

I was saying something

In words they didn’t understand

The words in my cry

Told them I’ve arrived

I was born to answer my name!

I started with a little war, the little war of learning

A day was experience and all time were knowledge

So little I spent but much I got

I was born to answer my name!

Now am on a journey

Journey to my ears and lips;

for my name needs to be answered

The world shall watch Watch as I answer

At the end shall be;

Shall be an on-feet applaud

I was born to answer my name!

And that shall be the glory

Glory for my days My days of trials; the days of errors

My days in the sun; the days in the rain

The days they never knew

But gone are those; except the trials from Almighty

That real men pass

Now the dream is to pass; for it is total greatness

And that’s when I’ll be sure

That my name was fully answered.

Then it will be said; he was born to answer;

his name; and he did.

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