Write short notes on the effects of farm practices such as bush burning, fertilizer application, grazing and crop rotation.

Bush burning:
I. Bush burning destroys the organic content of the soil
II. It destroys weed seeds
III. Destroys soil borne pathogens (or germs)
IV. Reduces the population of micro organisms in the soil
V. Exposes soil to erosion and destruction of soil structure

Fertilizer application
i. It enhances the carrying and productive capacity of soils.
ii. It also supplement the nutrient content of soil
iii. Increases the population of micro organisms in the soil
iv. Excessive use of fertilizer can affect the pH of the soil
v. It stimulate vegetative growth and reduces erosion.
Over grazing:
i. It cause compaction of the soil
ii. It exposes the soil to erosion
iii. It removes vegetative cover of the soil
iv. It causes poor growth and regeneration of vegetation.
v. It causes the destruction of soil structure
Crop rotation:
i. It increases the output or yield of crops
ii. It controls erosion
iii. It controls pests and diseases
iv. Checks the growth of weeds
v. It ensures soil fertility.

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