Write short notes on the following as they relate to the marketing of agricultural produce (a) marketing/commodity board (b) co-operative societies (c) middle men/wholesaler (d) producer

Marketing/commodity boards: these boards are public bodies set up by government to handle sales of agricultural products especially export crops where they have legal power over producers. They apply uniform quality control and packaging procedures for all crops handled by them.

Co-operative societies: these are societies who pull their resources together for the purpose of buying agricultural products in bulk and selling them to members at controlled prices. They provide better services to members because they sell at lower prices and prevent collusion to hoard products.
Middle men/wholesaler: they pack, transport, grade and store products before selling them and hardly sale directly to consumers except where the consumers are industrial users.
Producers: these are farmers themselves who sell their produce directly to consumers. They do this by allowing consumers to come to their farms to buy produce at farm gate prices. They also carry their produce to the market where they

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