Write short notes on the following sources of farm power (a) work animals (b) machine engines (c) water (d) sun

Work animals: animals mostly used are the bulls mostly used for tilling the land and camels and donkey for transportation. It can do more tedious jobs than man. The major disadvantages are that they cannot perform or work maximally at all times of the day. They may even refuse to work if not handled properly. They can only work in certain climatic areas of the country.

Machine engines: this involves the use of modern farm implements like tractor. Machines can work faster than man and animal. Can work in any climatic zone of the world, perform more tedious jobs, can handle poisonous chemicals and reduce labour cost and overall cost of production. The major disadvantage is that they are very expensive and can cause both noise and air pollution.
Water: water is essential on the farm and it is used both by plants when growing and for processing of farm products. it can be used to produce another power (electricity). It allows for clean and healthy products to be produced. Its major problem is that it is not available in all areas especially in the desert.
Sun: the energy from the sun is called solar energy. Green plants use it to manufacture their food, and it is also used for drying of farm produce like cocoa, beans, etc. it does not involve too much cost and it helps to keep all souls alive. Its major problem is that it cannot be adjusted to suit one’s purpose. Excess of it is unfavourable to both plants and animals.

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  1. Using animals in agriculture is convenient in some areas where machinery cannot be lifted. However, those are only a few, when we use them, the productivity cannot be equal to using a machine. Y Tunnel