Discuss briefly eight advantages of agricultural mechanization in Nigeria

Eight advantages of agricultural mechanization in Nigeria includes:

-Timeliness of farm operation: with the use of modern tools and implement. Time is saved in doing many farm operations.
-It promotes the establishment of agro-allied industries: this is as a result of large scale production of crops which are used by these industries.
-Agricultural mechanization has helped to supplement human power  several folds for heavy duty jobs e.g the use of tractor
-It helps to translate quickly the product of man’s brain work into reality i.e time saving
-It makes easy and pleasant difficult and unpleasant manual jobs.
-Agricultural mechanization encourages large scale farming
-It has also helped in increasing the farmers income: as a result of large scale farming,  the income of the farmer is bound to increase.
-Agricultural mechanization has also helped to reduce health hazard due to manual or over labour drudgery.

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