Discuss eight problems of agricultural development in Nigeria and suggest on possible solution to each of the problems.

The eight problems of agricultural development in Nigeria and their solutions are:

Inadequate land: the land tenure system, increasing population and deforestation do not make land available for agriculture.                                                          
Solution: the government should implement the Land Use Act of 1978 or establish a new policy that make land available for agricultural practices
Poor storage and processing facilities: these facilities are inadequate, costly, scarce, and these reduce the quality and quantity of agricultural produce.                                                                               
Solution: government should provide storage and processing facilities at subsidized rate.
Lack of finance: farmers do not have access to loan, no collateral security, high interest rate etc. prevent development of agriculture.                                                                               
Solution: interest rate charged by banks should be reduced so that farmers can borrow money.
Inadequate farm input: farm inputs are also scarce, inadequate, expensive and most farmers lack the technical know-how hence low agricultural productivity                                                                              
solution: government should subsidize the cost of farm inputs.
Poor transportation network: most farms are not easily accessible, roads are bad, lack of vehicles, and high cost of transportation hinder agricultural development.                                                                
Solution: government should construct good roads in rural areas.
Lack of basic amenities: social amenities like electricity, pipe borne water, health care services are lacking in rural areas and these affect agricultural production as it leads to high rate of rural-urban migration.                
Solution: government should ensure the availability of these amenities in rural areas
Inadequate agricultural extension services: most farmers are illiterate, conservative and crude. Extension officers are inadequate and inefficient hence low agricultural production. 
Solution: mass literacy campaign should be launched where farmers can be trained in modern method of farming
Poor marketing system: there is no organized marketing system of farm produce. Produce are sold immediately after harvesting.                          
Solution: Government agencies should buy produce from farmers and store for future consumption.

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