Discuss the production of yam under the following heading: (a) materials of propagation (b) soil requirement (c) land preparation (d) planting and spacing (e) cultural practices (f) three major pests and their control

Materials of propagation:
Materials which can be used to propagate yam are seed, yam setts and mini-setts

Soil requirements:
Require a loamy soil or sandy loam soil rich in humus. The soil should be well drained.
Land preparation:
The land for the cultivation of yam should be cleared, ploughed, and harrowed. Ridges or moulds or heaps are later made.
Planting and spacing:
Yam planting can be done at the beginning of dry season (oct-nov) or at the beginning of rainy season (feb-march)
Spacing is 90cm-100cm on rows and 1m apart.
Cultural practices:
Some of the cultural practices carried out in yam production are: mulching of heaps to prevent evaporation of water, staking to enable yam receive sunlight, training vines, regular weeding and application of appropriate fertilizer.
Three major pests and their control:
Yam beetle                                        
control: dusting of yam setts with aldrin dust before planting
Crickets                                                                                   control: hand picking and spray with insecticide
control: by trapping, regular weeding and covering of exposed tubers

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