List six environmental factors affecting agricultural production in Nigeria and explain briefly how five of the factors listed can affect agricultural production.

Six environmental factors affecting agricultural production in Nigeria are:
-Soil organisms

Rainfall: it is important for the germination of seed. It also affects the distribution of crops and animals. Too much rainfall causes erosion and leaching which result in poor growth of crops
Temperature: temperature is also important in seed germination. It ensures the proper growth of crops. Too high or too low temperature is unfavourable for plant and animals
Wind: wind is necessary for the dispersal of seeds of crops. It is also necessary for pollination of flowers. It can cause erosion and spread diseases from one plant to another.
Sunshine/light: sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis to take place in plants. It can also transmit diseases among plants and animals. It can also lead to the death of plants and animals.
Soil organisms: they help to build up the soil. Dead and decay soil organisms serve as manure for crops. They can eat up crops in the farm. They can also transmit disease to plants and animals

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