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Bounce Rate for Blogs: all you need to know

What is the Average Bounce Rate for Blogs?

Bounce rate means the exact percentage of visitors that arrive at
your website or blog and leave without visiting the second page. The
normal or average bounce rate of a blog declares that you are keeping
the safe amount of incoming and outgoing traffics. I think, it is an
important criteria for blogs and I am sure that it will be used as an
important ranking factor in the future. Not only that, the bounce rate
also ensures your higher or lower page rank. If someone would like to
judge a website or blog, I will advise to compare with the bounce rate.
Do you know such lower bounce rate could increase advertising earning in your google adsense account? So, maintaining the normal rate is a must mainly for blogs.

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The Normal or Average Bounce Rate for All Blogs:

As it is really important for a blog, people could ask what is the average rate of bounce, what would be their target? Actually there
is no specific percentage. Because it really depends on the niche. The
bounce rate is counted between 0%-100%. If you maintain a site for
images or directories, you may get a very higher bounce rate
approximately 70%-90%. This mean, 70%-90% of your visitors leave your
site after visiting the first page. If you maintain a good blog and
people would like to read your contents, you will easily get 30%-60%
bounce. But if you are comparing your brand new website or blog, your
bounce rate will be usually very high. After comparing all types of
niches, I think the average bounce rate for a blog should be between 40%-50%. Please keep in mind that, this is not the exact number. Always lower number is great for all niches.

Bounce Rate As a Ranking Factor

The lower bounce rate means the less percentage of visitors has left
your site just after viewing the first page. Do you know the good bounce
rate can be a great ranking factor for your blogs? Because the new
ranking algorithm works through high quality contents and blog
structures. If you lead eye catching contents on your blog, the readers
bound to read the whole post. Not only that one, they would like to read
the related writings too. So, writing good blog posts or contents and
making effective internal links would be major ways to maintain the
normal bounce rate. Even, a blog with higher bounce rate than average
would be supposed as a bad site. If Google will make a major algorithm
change in site traffic, they will surely focus on bounce rate.

  • The best blog software could lower loading time. It is proved that
    good loading speed improves bounce rate as well as ranking. So, you have
    to choose the perfect platform.

So, After All What is Your Blog Bounce Rate?

In the previous paragraphs, I tried to specify what is the blogs
bounce rate. And also tried to understand you what is the average bounce
rate that is welcomed for all niches. The ways to reduce bounce rate
are not included here but will write about it in the future. If you
think that you have learned something about bounce rate, don’t forget to
share it here.

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