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how to add advanced share button to a blogger blog

Having share buttons on your blog is as important as making posts
because there is every need for your readers to share your blog posts with
their friends but you’ll need to make them do so by impressing them with
quality contents and adding a call to action button. Blogger comes with default
share buttons but, these buttons are quite not impressive and small too and are
likely to be ignored by your readers. So you’ll have to add an advanced one
that can attract your reader’s attention and entice them to share your blog
There are many ways you can do this but am going to share
with you the simplest method which you can use to add sharing buttons to your
blog in just a matter of three minutes.
Click on ‘Get the share buttons’ as seen in the screen shot
A list of platform will be displayed, since we are adding it
to a blogger blog select the ‘blogger’ icon,
you’ll be taken to your blogger choose the blog you want to
add the buttons to, drag and drop it to any position that best suit your blog
and save your templates arrangement. That’s it, you have successfully added a
share button to your blog. Now, for it to work fine you may have to touch a
little bit of code it in the html editor of your blog, Addtoany will give you a
code and tell you where to paste it in your template. But, I advise you live it
as it is if you are using a mobile phone.
Hope it helps someone! Please share your opinion in the
comment section and don’t forget to share, it may be exactly what your friends
are looking for. Thanks for reading my blog.

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