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How to make people follow your facebook profile from your blogger blog

Have you been looking for way to link your facebook profile to your blogspot blog? congrats because you are in the right place.
Google’s Blogger blogging
platform lets you customize your blog by adding widgets to your profile.
These widgets range from calendars and other tools, to profile badges
for your social networks. If you want to add a Facebook profile badge to
your Blogger profile, you can do so directly through the Facebook
badges website.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to Click the type of badge that you want to add to your Blogger account.
  • Click
    the “+ Blogger” button. Type your Blogger log-in credentials in the
    spaces provided and click the “Sign in” button to sign into your
    a title for the Facebook badge widget in the space provided. Click the
    “Add Widget” button to add the Facebook link to your Blogger page.

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