Compare and contrast compound microscope and astronomical microscope

1. Both have two lenses, an eyepiece and an objective lens.
2. Both can form image at infinity and near point depending on the use respectively.
3. Both are made to increase the usual angle of eye
4. Both form images that are inverted.
5. Both being an optical instrument provide sensation of vision by the rays allowed to enter through objective lens and into the pupil of the eye at eye ring.

1. Microscope is an instrument used to magnify an object. The telescope is used to view distant object.
2. Microscope is in normal adjustment when final image is formed at least distance of distinct vision. The telescope is in normal adjustment when image is formed at infinity.
3. Magnification for microscope in normal use= (D/F2+1) (V/F-1). Magnification for telescope in normal use= F1/F2

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