AMOEBOID MOVEMENT: explain ameboid movement?

-Amoeba moves by temporary protrusion or projection of the cytoplasm called pseudopodium (plural pseudopodia).locomotion in amoeba is described as follow. cytoplasmic flow result from changes in the cytoplasm as a result of an external stimulus
-At some point on the body surface the cytoplasm liquefies and becomes endoplasm i.e it changes from gel’ to sol’(hence the sol-gel-sol theory of amoeboid movement)
The endoplasm flows out to form a pseudopodium, round the peripheral of the pseudopodium the endoplasm is converted to ectoplasm(“sol” to ‘gel’) hence, building up and extending the size of the pseudopodium like
-At the posterior part of the body the ectoplasm is converted to endoplasm i.e converted back from gel’ to sol’. Thus a change of position is effected.

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