-Natural selection at its simplest is the impact of any factor in the total environment of any organism
-Tending to produce systematic genetic change from one generation to the next
-It differentiates between phenotype in a population with respect to their ability to produce offspring
-One phenotype may better survive endemic onslaught of parasites or predators than the other
-One may penetrate new habitat more effectively than others
-Natural situation or environmental features selectively allows one organism to develop and propagate more effectively than others
-The genotype of this organism is therefore afforded greater representation in the overall gene pool
-Evolution through selection brings about improvement in adaptive relationship between organisms and their environment
-Selection has been the principal force operating to facilitate the development of new adaptations
-It is responsible for the evolution of the present diversity of life
-The interaction of mutation,  recombination and selection
-Results in new adaptive relations between organisms and their environment and
-Forms the process of adaptation

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