HAEMOPHILIA: what is haemophilia?

-This is a condition in which blood refuses to clot thereby resulting in excessive bleeding even on minor injury
-It is a sex linked hereditary disease
-The trait is controlled by a recessive gene located on X-chromosome
-It is transmitted from the female parent to the male children
-The effect  is due to the absence of clotting factor called Antiheamophilic Globulin (AHG)
the essential factor in the blood which is responsible for the formation of thromboplastin during blood clotting
-the gene must be present in homologous recessive form (XhXh) before it expresses itself in female children phenotypically
-5 genotypes are present these are
*XhXhAffected female
*XhXH normal female carrier
*XHXH normal female
*XhX affected male
*XHXH normal male

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