Cardiac plexus; Write a short essay on the cardiac plexus

INTRODUCTION: this is the main nerve supply to the heart. It’s formed by branches of right and left vagi and right and left sympathetic trunks.
DIVISION: the cardiac plexus is divided into superficial cardiac plexus and deep cardiac plexus.
superficial cardiac plexus: it’s a sympatheto-parasympathetic plexus. It’s formed by the Union of the two cervical cardiac branches of the left vagus nerve with the cardiac branch of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion
Relations: it lies anterior to the ligamentum arteriosum
Deep cardiac plexus: it is a larger plexus. It receives contributions from the right vagus by its cervical cardiac branches, from the left vagus by its superior cervical branch, one from each recurrent laryngeal nerve and sympathetic fibres from the remaining five cervical ganglia I.e the middle and inferior left and all three right ganglia and from the upper 5 or 6 thoracic sympathetic ganglia of both sides
Relations: the deep cervical plexus lies to the right of the ligamentum arteriosum anterior to the left bronchus at the bifurcation of the pulmonary trunk

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