Characteristics of basidiomycetes; features of class basidiomycete

– most advanced group of fungi
– some produce elaborate fruiting bodies called basidiocarp (homobasidiomycetes)
– others do not (heterobasidiomycetes)
– sexual meiospores (basidiospores) are borne on individual stalks called sterigmata
– homobasidiomycetes  are mostly saprophytic, e.g mushrooms, puffballs, bracket fungi, some are parasitic, others are symbiotic
– include rusts (Puccinia, ustilaga) of crops
– fungi imperfecti. The imperfect fungi which are known only by their asexual stages
– encompasses fungi. Which may belong to ascomycetes and basidiomycetes.
– one from order is wide spread
– contain common genera like penicillin and aspergilus
– both form conidia which are widespread in air, soil and water.

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