Deficiency symptoms of some macro-elements

Deficiency symptoms of nitrogen:
– yellowing of leaves (chlorosis) due to poor chlorophyll synthesis or accelerated degradation
– Impaired synthesis of amino acid and proteins
– stunted growth
Deficiency symptoms of phosphorus
– impaired production of energy-containing molecules e.g NADP, ATP, etc.
– reduced efficiency of energy transfer reactions
– delayed maturity of parts, organs and fruits
– poor root development
– stunted/retarded growth
– increased anthocyanisms (purple/reddish pigments)
Deficiency symptoms of Potassium
– poor development of food storage organs e.g root, tubers, seed, etc.
– poor water utilization efficiency
– reduced membrane permeability
– breakdown of chloroplasts
Deficiency symptoms of calcium
– impaired uptake of nutrients
– impaired membrane permeability
– death of meristematic tips ( e.g root tips)
– inhibition of bad development
– breakdown of cellular organelles
– reduced protein and amino acid synthesis
– chlorosis in young leaves.

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