Differences between fungi and algae

– Algae are autotrophic, fungi are heterotrophic
– algae possess pigment. fungi do not  have pigment.
– algae cells possess true cross-wall/partitions, fungi cells have incomplete or no partition between cell
– algae cells are mainly uninucleated, fungal cells may be multinucleated
– some algae have distinct male and female sex organs, fungi do not have distinct sexes
– algae are mainly aquatic, few are semi-aquatic  in habit, fungi are mainly terrestrial with few exceptions
– carbohydrates in algae is stored in form of starch, fungi store it in form of glycogen
– motile sexual sex is common in algae, these are found only in the water molds among the fungi
– heteromophic alternation of generations is common in the algae, this is not common in fungi but heteroecium occurs in some basidiomycetes

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