Life cycle of a moss plant/funaria/polytriclum

– Starts with archegonium and antheridium
– archegonium produces eggs; antheridium produces sperm
– both are protected within hairlike structure paraphyses
– antheridium releases antherozoid which are minute, spirally coiled, bicilliate and motile male gamete
– these swim in a film of water to the archegonium
– archegonium is a flask shaped structure with a neck
– the neck of archegonium opens and admits antherozoid
– fertilization occur in the venter of archegonium to form diploid zygote
– zygote secret thick wall to become oospore
– oospore germinates and grows to form the sporogonium (capsule)
– whole structure is saprophyte
– sporophyte consist of head, seta, capsule (haploid)
– spores are produced in capsule through meiosis
– mature spores are released when capsule breaks open
– spores are dispersed by wind
– they germinate under favorable conditions into protonema
– protonema develop into gametophyte
– gametophyte grows and bears antheridia and archegonia
– life cycle continues

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