Write an essay on the bronchopulmonary segments of the lungs

Introduction: A bronchopulmonary  segment is a segment of the lung that has its own arterial supply, venous drainage and terminal bronchiole.
Division of the bronchopulmonary  segment:
According to the Jackson and Huber division, there are usually 10 segmental bronchi on the right lung and 8 on the. As the bronchi continue to branch and rebranch the bronchopulmonary  segment subdivides into smaller subsegments.
Upper lobe: Apical, posterior, anterior
Middle lobe: lateral, medial
Lower lobe: superior, anterior basal, medial basal, lateral basal, posterior basal
Upper lobe: apical posterior, anterior, superior, inferior
Lower lobe: superior, anterior medial basal, lateral basal, posterior basal
1. They are wedge-shaped
2. Their apices are at the hilum of the lung
3. Their bases are at the lung surface

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