Write an essay on the lymph drainage of the lung

Introduction: the drainage of the lungs are from two lymphatic plexuses of lymph vessels that communicate freely. They are: (a) superficial lymphatic plexus (b) Deep lymphatic plexus
A. Superficial lymphatic plexus: this plexus lie deep to the visceral pleura and vessels from it drains lymph to the bronchopulmonary lymph nodes located in the hilium of the lung. Then, to the superior and inferior tracheobronchial  lymph nodes which are located superior and inferior to the bifurcation of the trachea respectively. These lymph vessels drain the lungs and visceral pleura
B. Deep lymphatic plexus: lie in the submucosa of the bronchi and the peribronchial connective tissues.
Lymph vessels from the deep lymphatic plexus drain into the pulmonary lymph nodes. Lymph from here drain into the bronchopulmonary  lymph nodes. Lymph vessels then pass to tracheobronchial  nodes and then to the right broncho-mediastinal  nodes which are formed by the junction of the efferents from the parasternal, tracheobronchial  and anterior mediastinal lymph nodes.
Termination: these nodes terminate on each side at the junction of the subclavian and the internal jugular veins. The left bronchomediastinal trunk may terminate in the thoracic duct.
Clinical correlates: bronchogenic carcinoma is caused by cigarette smoking and because of the arrangement of the lymphatics the tumur may metastasize to the pleurae, hila of lungs and mediastinum.

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