write an essay on the relations of the posterior belly of the digastrics:

introduction: the posterior belly of the digastrics notch
from the medial side of the mastoid process. The triangular belly tapers down
to the immediate tendon, which is held by a fibrous sling attached to the
lesser horn of the hyoid bone. From here it continues forward as anterior
Nerve supply: fascial nerve
Superiorly: Parotid gland, fascial nerve, posterior auricular
artery and styloid process.
Posterolaterally: sternocleidomastoid muscle, mastoid
process, and retromandibular vein at the middle of the belly.
Anteriorly: stylohyoid, ramus of mandible and external
carotid artery
Medially: carotid sheath containing the internal jugular
vein, internal carotid artery and the vagus nerve and the accessory nerve.

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