Write short note on the cubital fossa

Introduction: the cubital fossa is a triangular hollow area on the anterior surface of the elbow.
superior: formed by imaginary line joining both the medial and the lateral epicondyles.
Medial: pronator teres  muscles
lateral: brachioradialis muscles
floor: brachialis muscle of the arm and supinator muscle of the forearm
roof: formed by deep fascia and bicipital aponeurosis. The roof is covered by superficial fascia and skin.
Content: the cubital fossa contains, lateral to medial
1. Biceps tendon
2. The brachial artery and its terminal branches; the radial and ulnar arteries
3. The brachial vein and
4. Parts of the median and radial nerves.
  Clinical correlates: measurement of arterial blood pressure using the sphygmomanometer can be done in the cubital fossa.

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