Describe the baptism of Jesus as related by Mathew and indicate its purpose

When John the Baptist was baptising people, Jesus came to him
to be baptised in the river Jordan John wished Jesus to baptise him and not him
(John) to baptise him (Jesus). Jesus asked John to baptise him so as to fulfil
all righteousness. John consented and Jesus was baptised. As he came out of the
water, the heavens were opened and the spirit of God descended upon him like a
dove and a’voice came’from heaven saying: “This is my beloved son, with
whom i am well pleased”.

Jesus’ baptism was important in the following ways: 
  • The
    baptism marked Jesus’ call to public ministry as a God-sent Messiah, 
  • Jesus
    accepted baptism by immersion in order to give his approval to the Jewish
    ritual of a symbolic cleansing of sin. 
  • Jesus did not sin, yet he wanted
    others to be free from sin.

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