Describe the escape of the Israelites from Egypt

The escape of the
Israelites from Egypt: 

  • When Pharaoh heard that the Israelites had fled, he
    sent chariots and charioteers to pursue them, 
  • They overtook them by the sea. 
  • The Israelites murmured against Moses wondering whether there were no
    graves in Egypt. 
  • They remarked that it would have been better if they had
    remained in Egypt to serve their masters, 
  • Moses told them to be calm and
    see the salvation of God. 
  • He assured them that they would not see their
    enemies again”because God will fight for them, 
  • Following God’s order
    and promise of deliverance, they went forward to the Red Sea. 
  • God’s
    angel and pillar of cloud moved behind to protect them, 
  • Moses stretched
    his rod overthe sea as God commanded, and the sea divided, 
  • The Israelites
    went through on dry ground, 
  • The Egyptians pursued the Israelites and God
    threw them into confusion. 
  • He clogged their wheels and impeded their
  • At God’s command, Moses stretched his rod overthe sea and the
    waters returned, 
  • The Egyptian soldiers fled and were all drowned.
The significance of the Episode to Israel: 
  1. Israel saw this
    as a miracle of deliverance from God. 
  2. The miracle occupied a
    prominent place in the development of their national religion, 
  3. They
    became a people in covenant with God. 
  4. By their departure, they were welded
    together as a nation, 
  5. God defends His people.

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