Describe God's intervention on behalf of Elijah

Ahab married Jezebel, daughter of king of Sidon who brought
her god (Baal) into Israel. Ahab worshipped it. Thus, Ahab provoked the anger
of God more than all the kings of Israel before him. Elijah was sent by God to
Ahab to denounce him and pronounce years of drought over Israel. Thereafter,
God instructed Elijah to escape to the brook of Cherith where he could drink
water and be fed by ravens. After a while, the brook dried up as there was no
rain and God made for him an alternative arrangement as he escaped to
After three years of drought, Elijah was sent by God to confront
Ahab and he challenged him to a contest at Mount Carmel to decide whom Israel
must worship. At Mt. Carmel, Elijah ordered that two bulls be provided. Baal
prophets were to choose one and prepare it for sacrifice to Baal while he too
would prepare his own bull and whoever would get his sacrifices consumed by
fire from his God would determine for all parties whom to serve.
Baa! prophets called upon their god all day to send down fire, but
no fire came. Elijah taunted them to pray harder but their god did not answer.
When it came to his turn, Elijah ordered that water be poured lavishly on his
own sacrifk Despite all that, when he prayed, God answered with fire which
consumed every thing, including the water.
Baal prophets acknowledged Yahweh as God and Elijah ordered that
all the false prophets be slain. Ahab was visibly shaken and was powerless to
do any thing to harm Elijah. He rushed back home to report Elijah’s victory tcJezebel,
his wife, who threatened to kill Elijah. God instructed Elijah to move to
Some lessons to be learnt about the nature of God from the
episode are that
  • God’s command must be obeyed, failure to do so
    means punishment, 
  • God is above all kings/rulers and their subjects, 
  • God controls nature, e.g. rain, drought, fire, etc. 
  • He
    cares forthose who obey Him, e.g. Elijah, 
  • God is a jealous God, He
    takes vengeance on anybody who raises his hand against His anointed children, 
  • God’s servants should be prepared for trials and persecution, but victory
    shall be theirs at the end.

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