Describe Hosea's marriage experience and how it demonstrates God's love for Israel

God asked
Hosea to take to himself a harlot as wife. He took Gomer, the daughter of
Diblaim and she bore him a son. and the Lord said to him
“call his name Jezreel, for yet a little while, I will punish the house of
Jehu for the blood of Jezreel, and I will put an end to the kingdom of the house
of Israel.

She conceived again and bore a daughter called Not Pitied, for God
will not pity the house of Israel. She bore a third child, a son and named Not my
,  for Israel is no longer the
people of God, neither is He their God. 
Gomer’s faithlessness later made her abandon Hosea and the children. In love,
Hosea paid to bring her back and sent her children to plead with their mother – all in vain. Inspite of her
faithlessness and disappointment by her lovers, Hosea’s love for Gomer still persisted.

marital experience and love for his wife was a demonstration of God’s love for
Israel in the following ways: 

  • inspite of Israel’s unfaithfulness, God still
    remained faithful, 
  • God promised future glory and unity of Israel and
  • He also provide their needs inspite of disappointment.

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