Describe Josiah's response to the discovery of the book of the law in the temple

When King Josiah was eighteen years old on the throne, he started
his religious reforms. During the repair of the temple, a copy of the book was
discovered by Hilkiah the high priest. Hilkiah gave the book to Shapan who read
it and later read it to the king. When the king heard the content of the book
of the law, he became sad and sent Hilkiah to go and find out from the Lord
concerning the words of the book that had been found. The book contained the
wrath of God which was looming on the people of Judah. Huldah, the prophetess
was consulted. She said that Judah would suffer because the people had forsaken
the Lord and worshipped baals. It was also prophesied that the king would be
freed from this punishment, but the impending doom would happen to Judah after
his reign.
King Josiah called the elders to the temple and read the book to
them. Immediately, the king began to destroy the foreign cults and their
practices. The vessels made for baals and Asherah were destroyed. He also
destroyed alt the houses built for male cult prostitutes which were built in
the house of God.
The religious situation of today is similar to that of Josiah’s
time in many ways among which are:

  1. Crimes and various vices are prevalent
    in our churches today.
  2. There are many corrupt practices in our society (or
    churches) today. 
  3. As it was in Josiah’s days when the people were filled
    with immoral acts, so also we have in our society today people we think to be
    practising the religion, but instead are doing something else.

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