Describe the miracle of Jesus walking on the sea, according to mark

directed his disciples to get into the boat and go before him to the other
side, after feeding the five thousand. This was done to dismiss the crowd,
Jesus later went to the mountain to pray. In the evening, the boat was already
out on the sea while Jesus was alone on the land, Jesus got to know that the
wind was blowing against the boat at the fourth watch, Jesus walked on the sea
when there was no boat to convey him.When the disciples noticed Jesus as he was
approaching them they were afraid because they thought he was a ghost. They
therefore cried out. Jesus assured them to take heart and not to exercise any
fear since the person on the sea is him. Soon, Jesus entered the boat while the
wind ceased instantly.
From the story, it is
clear that Jesus had openly manifested himself to his disciples as the son of
God (Messiah), by walking on the sea, He demonstrated that he has power over
nature. Jesus disciples exhibited lack of faith when they became surprise at
seeing Jesus walking on the sea.

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