Describe the mission of Peter in Lydda and Joppa

Acts 9:32-43:  

  • Peter, at Lydda met Aeneas,
    bedridden and paralyzed for eight years, 
  • Peter said to him ‘Aneneas, Jesus
    Christ heals you, rise and make your bed’, 
  • Aneneas rose immediately and
    the people seeing it turned to the Lord, 
  • At Joppa, Peter met Tabitha who
    was full of good works and acts of charity, 
  • She fell sick and died, 
  • Her body was laid in an upper room, 
  • The disciples called for Peter to
    come and raise her. 
  • The widows were weeping, showing them the clothes she
    made for them, 
  • Peter came, putting all outside, knelt and pray for her
  • Peter then called her – “Tabitha arise”, and she opened
    her eyes and sat up. 
  • Tabitha was presented alive to the church/people, 
  • News of this spread throughout Joppa and many believed, 
  • He stayed
    in the house of Simeon, a tanner for some days.

Lessons to be learnt from the mission:  

  1. The Healing ministry in the Church/power of God in healing. 
  2. members should be encouraged to care for one another as Dorcas was doing
    before her death. 
  3. The prayer ministry of the Church is of immense
  4. The Gospel should be accompanied by signs and wonders,
  5. The
    Church should be a growing Church, with new believers being added each time.

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