Describe Nebuchadnezzar's attack on Judah and give the effects of war on a nation

2Kings 24:10-17; 25:1 -17:  

  • As King Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem, King Jehoiachin surrendered his
    administration to him. 
  • The King of Babylon carried away all the treasures
    in the King’s house, 
  • All the vessels of gold in the temple were
  • Able bodied people of Jerusalem (i.e. the princes, mighty men
    of valour and thousands of captives) were carried away, 
  • He carried away
    King Jehoiachin and his household to Babylon, 
  • He left behind the poorest
    of the land, 
  • He appointed Mattaniah King and renamed him Zedekiah. 
  • Zedekiah rebelled against Babylon and this led to another round of siege on the
    city this eventually brought famine, 
  • Zedekiah, who escaped, was overtaken
    and arrested,
  • He was brought to the King of Babylon where his two sons were
    killed in his presence, 
  • Nebuzaradan came to set the house of the Lord on
    fire, including the king’s house and other houses in Jerusalem, 
  • The army
    of the Chaldeans led by the captain of the guard broke down walls around
    Jerusalem and carried captives to Babylon, 
  • Some of the people left in
    the land were vinedressers and ploughmen, 
  • Some precious material (i.e.
    pillars of bronze, the stands and bronze sea) were destroyed, 
  • But the
    pots, shovels, snuffers, dishes, incense, vessels of bronze, fine pan, gold and
    silver materials were carried away to Babylon.

The effects of war on a nation:  

  1. Bitterness 
  2. Famine 
  3. Distrust 
  4. Enmity 
  5. Suspicion 
  6. Calamity 
  7. Loss of life and
  8. Poverty 
  9. Disunity/disorderliness/unrest 
  10. Underdevelopment 
  11. Death/ destruction of lives

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