Describe Paul's reaction to the gift which he received from the Philippians

The Philipians dispatched through Epaphroditus some monetary
gift to Paul while he was in prison in Rome. To show his gratitude and
appreciation for the gift from the church which he had founded, Paul wrote to
the church expressing his gratitude. His joy, however, was based on the spirit
of sacrifice that motivated their action.

In giving and receiving, the Philippians received Paul and God’s
approval. He (Paul), therefore, prayed that God might continue to satisfy all
their needs according to His riches in glory as long as they sustained their
faith in Christ Jesus. 
Ways by which one can manifest the true sense of
giving in his community are:
  • Meeting the needs of the under privileged, the
    aged and the sick in society by offering voluntary service to them, 
  • Rendering of voluntary (willing) service to schools and churches, e.g. by
    keeping the premises tidy, 
  • Joining youth organizations for more organised
    welfare services to society.

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