describe the role of Joshua in the story of the twelve spies, indicating the reasons why God chose him to succeed Moses

Moses selected twelve
spies to spy out the land of Canaan. Joshua, son of Nun was one of them. They
were instructed to find out whether they would be able to conquer it or not.
When the spies came back, there was disparity in the report because there was
division among them. The majority report presented by ten of the spies dismayed
the people and they wished they could go back to Egypt instead of being
consumed by the giants in the land of Canaan.
Joshua and Caleb presented the minority report. Their report was a
favourable one, although the people did not believe in it. In their report,
they said that the land which they had spied out was a very good land. If the
Lord delighted in them, they would be in the land which they said flew with
milk and honey. Joshua warned them not to rebel against the Lord. He disabused
their minds and cautioned them not to fear the people of the land. He
strengthened their courage that the Canaanites would be like food to them if
God was with them.
God commanded Moses to appoint Joshua as his (Moses) successor
because Joshua was valiant and charismatic. He possessed all what a man
requires to be a good leader. He feared and trusted God. This was shown in the
report he presented. Moses ordained him by laying his hand upon him.
Four lessons that could be learnt by the church leaders from the
story are:

  1. Many of our church leaders today fear certain people in the
    church probably because of their riches and wealth. Joshua did not fear the
    people. He reported the situation of things as they were. The church leaders of
    today should say what they see without fear or favour.
  2. The church leaders
    of today should fear God and trust in Him. God is the over-all controller of
    the universe.
  3. The church leaders should copy the outstanding qualities
    possesed by Joshua for the role he played among the twelve spies.
  4. The
    church leaders should not think of what people would say, no matter the
    situation, even at the point of death.

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